Wipeout will be back on TV!  |  Be sure you join the hype  |  Get your own Big Red Balls NOW!  |  Build your own Wipeout course  |   Wipeout will be back on TV!  |  Be sure you join the hype  |  Get your own Big Red Balls NOW!  |  Build your own Wipeout course  |  

The Brand 

The Wipeout brand is known all over the world as hilarious, action-packed and aspirational. Wipeout essence is all about entertaining fun. 


Powerful Brand

Wipeout is the strongest brand in active leisure. It has been broadcasted all over the world and videogames have been made and played by millions of people!

And now the live version is created! With the development of the production of real Wipeout obstacles, it became possible for leisure entrepreneurs to enjoy the Wipeout ride too, and have their own Wipeout attraction.

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Wipeout virals

A powerful brand will do the marketing for you. Influencers will visit for content and share it to followers for free. Your visitors will make lots of photos and videos and share them on social media too.

Most videos are so Painfully Funny, that they will be viewed, tagged and shared million of times. For free! For example the simple video on the left was made by a visitor of the Wipeout Attraction in Holland. It went viral worldwide and has 190.543.000 views!!!

The Chive: 67 Million views (this is where it startet and then it went viral)
Epoch Times: 58 Million views
Fail Army: 12 Million views
Unilad: 9.6 Million views 
... and many more!

A powerful brand, worth the investment! 


Winter Wipeout

A lot of leisure parks close down for the winter but changing your course into the Winter Wipeout theme can keep your visitors interested and coming! 

The special Wipeout Style Guide and the 1.000+ photos and videos that comes along with your order, makes it possible to profit of spectacular attractive marketing assets. 

Everybody loves Wipeout, and Wipeout loves you! 

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