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Success Stories 

We have 25 years of experience in leisure, offer the highest quality and the very best service!


Vienna, Austria

Wipeout Park Manager Kristof Kamerhofer:

"Although we had a difficult start with all circumstances this year, Wipeout is amazing! Everything looks so increadable cool and attractive. Also the marketing material that comes with the order is beyond expectation." 

The Wipeout Austria attractions can be find in Parndorf, near the capital city Vienna. It's at the parking lot of a huge outlet center and all attractions are land based with no water. Check for more info: www.wipeoutaustria.com


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Wipeout General Manager Wouter Vink:

"We run many attractions at our location, but Wipeout is still number 1. We started with 3 Wipeout attractions and grew up to 18 in total! We welcome about 50.000 visitors a year. It's a great brand that attracts a lot of fans of the popular tv show!" 

We as Famous Obstacles and Gameshows founded and operated this park for 6 years. This is what got us going international. Offering copy/pastes of our own succes to other leisure entrepreneurs. Like ... YOU! Check: www.wipeout.nl/en


 Wipeout Kids, Amsterdam

Beldert Beach Manager Jamie Mansveld:

"We started with a playground setting of Wipeout for kids at our beach and it was a big hit! Visitors not only came for a swim, but also on less sunny days just to play. What amazed us most, was the number of birthday parties: 1.000+ groups a year!' 

Jamie is one of the early adaptors of our 'Wipeout for public'-concepts. The turnover of her park tripled the first year and she won with the national Tourism Award for the big number of visitors they attracted. www.wipeoutkids.nl

Dubai M2
Dubai M4
Dubai Meydan
Dubai M3

Dubai, UAE

Wipeout Project Developer Mohamed Atish:

"In Dubai everything is Big, Bigger, Biggest and Wipeout Dubai will be one of most biggest Wipeout parks in the world! We are very proud that we've got the license for Wipeout. Success is awaiting!" 

Wipeout Dubai will be build in the new city Meydan which wil lbe a new touristical hot spot area. It's huge and impressive. The even created an 8 kilometer pool canal for boats and swimming and ... WIPEOUT! Check: www.wipeoutdubai.com 

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