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We created a 3 Step module to show you everything we have to offer:
Step 1 will show all the the official TV-show Wipeout obstacles
Step 2 will give you an idea on possible business models
Step 3 offers everything else we can help you with

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See all details, sizes and PRICES and select everything you like on the way ...

  • STEP 1 new
    TÜV-certified, safe, durable and impressive! For every age and audience!
  • Step 2 WO zone
    We got some very profitable business models ready for you. Tested & proved!
  • STEP 3 new
    Do it yourself or get our ready-to-use marketing tools to give you a head start.

10th anniversary!


Please join us celebrating the 10th anniversary of WIPEOUT!

Since its 2008 premiere on ABC, the wildly successful Wipeout series expanded internationally, with local versions in 29 key territories, distributed in 125 countries around the globe, spanning Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

This is a unique chance and opportunity to step in and profit of the best deal ever! 

Running a Wipeout® course can bring you the following in 1 year*
Revenue per day
With the Wipeout Starter Pack you can sell 450 tickets a day at a dynamic price of €40 to €70.
10 days
Days to break-even-point
With the revenue of €25.000 per day, you only need 10 good days to get your Return On Investment.
Average Wipeout park turnover
If you run a 30% capacity (about 100 days a year), you already have 10x your investment!
*Based on the Starter Pack investment of €250.000.
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