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We want to make it as easy as possible for you! These 2 packages are meant for new Wipeout park owners who want the best obstacles at the best price and get started as soon as possible! 

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Starter Package

Dutch Starter Pack


The Dutch Business Model

Wipeout zone 2016[1]

With this package, you can use our most profitable business model: The Dutch Business Model! It's based on our Wipeout park in the Netherlands:

Every 2 hours, 15 contestants start at each of the 6 obstacles and moving to the next every 20 minutes. With 5 timeslots a day and an average ticket price of €55, the turnover will be: €25.000 per day!

ROI: in 10 days, you can earn back the entire park!


FEC 365 Starter Pack


FEC 365 Business Model


This business model is most perfect for crowded places with a lot of tourist. It’s based on 2 courses of 4 obstacles and 10 timeslots a day. Every hour 10 contestants start and moving on after 15 minutes, so you can have up to 800 visitors a day. With an average spend on tickets and merchandise of €50 you make = €40.000 per day!

ROI: 10 days! And most interesting: this combination is with 4 obstacles on land, which can be used as Winter Wipeout off season. So you can run your park 365 days a year!



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Our Wipeout Obstacles are based on the Endemol Shine Group TV series Wipeout.

We are the official licensee of Endemol Shine Group. 
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10th anniversary!


Please join us celebrating the 10th anniversary of WIPEOUT!

Since its 2008 premiere on ABC, the wildly successful Wipeout series expanded internationally, with local versions in 29 key territories, distributed in 125 countries around the globe, spanning Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

This is a unique chance and opportunity to step in and profit of the best deal ever! 


Time Table

Every Wipeout obstacle is especially made for you. The production, installation and delivery time takes about 6 months. 

Please keep in mind that shipment to your location can involve extra time and costs (mostly 1 month and €1.500 per container in which 3 obstacles can be shipped).

Investing in Wipeout® can bring you the following in 1 year*
25.000 per day
Your initial investment
With the Starter Pack investment of €250.000 you can have a revenue of €25.000 per day.
10 days
Days to break-even-point
With the revenue of €25.000 per day, you only need 10 good days to get your Return On Investment.
Average Wipeout park turnover
If you have 100 good business days a year, you already have 10x your investment!
*Based on the Starter Pack investment of €250.000.
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