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Wipeout as an attraction will do it's own marketing. Posts of contestants on social media will create virals for free!

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We've got a lot of ready-to-use marketing assets! Use them and make a head start. You will find all these great items to launch your park at the Obstacle order form. Just select the obstacles you need and go to next step to let us know what marketing packages you like to add! 

Wipeout virals

A powerful brand will do the marketing for you. Influencers will visit for content and share it to followers for free. Your visitors will make lots of photos and videos and share them on social media too.

Most videos are so Painfully Funny, that they will be viewed, tagged and shared million of times. For free! For example the simple video on the left was made by a visitor of the Wipeout Attraction in Holland. It went viral worldwide and has 190.543.000 views!!!

The Chive: 67 Million views (this is where it startet and then it went viral)
Epoch Times: 58 Million views
Fail Army: 12 Million views
Unilad: 9.6 Million views 
... and many more!

A powerful brand, worth the investment! 

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Wipeout Style Guide & Databank

You will get the official Wipeout Style Guide with everything you need to make your own marketing designs. 

But we also offer you acces to our 1.000+ photo stock and hilarious Youtube videos if you like. There will be updates all the time and we expect you to update your data too.

With this package you can jump right into your marketing campaign and there is no need for collecting material first!

You can use this databank for: €2.500


Online Exposure Package 

A perfectly designed and effective website, the most important social media and a complete filled YouTube channel. All in line with the strict Wipeout guidelines and built out of experience. Included in this package:

- Wipeout website with newsletter module with Wipeout templates
- Google Maps & Business Go page
- Facebook Business page
- Tripadvisor review page
- YouTube channel

This will save you a lot of time and get you started right away for only: €37.500

Special Promotion 2019: Wipeout Package + Website + Online ticket module.
Up to €44.725 discount!

BG tablet

Online tickets sales 

We offer you a ready-to-use module, which you can incorporate in the website we build for you if you choose the Online Exposure Package. 

This will make the administration of your online ticket sales so much easier and faster! As an addition to the Online Exposure package, this option is:

€1 per ticket

Special Promotion 2019: Wipeout Package + Website + Online ticket module.
Up to €44.725 discount!


Social, Safety & Selling

We offer you a state of the art camera system to keep an eye on everything and to record every funny moment! 

Have your instructors write down every Painfully Funny moment, so your social media manager can get that video moments of the server and put them online!

You can also sell video compilations to your customer and use the videotapes in case of safety matters. We can help you with a package of 12 camera’s, videoserver and instructor forms for about: €17.500

Wipeout Letters & Mr. Red Ball

Branding and Signings

Create even more social media exposure with these typical Wipeout statues. They will contribute to your Wipeout park appereance and serve as ideal photopoints. It will be a selfie valhalla and produce a huge extra social media boost! This package consists of the official: 

- Wipeout Arch (L: 1000cm H: 300cm) €14.145
- Wipeout Logo Frame (L: 1098cm W: 174cm H: 207cm) €45.000
- Wipeout Mascot (⌀ 120cm) €2.738

Order it at once and you will benefit of the package price of: €57.500

Eye catchers
Anything is possible, but this Roundabout is a perfect eye catcher at the park in The Netherlands. It is offered by the municipality because the park attracted so many visitors and tourists: €43.500
Or our famous Wipeout Letters, the best selfie spot in a Wipeout park: €45.000


Merchandise Package

Generate extra income by selling official Wipeout merchandise! You can order everything you want in our online shop.

A royalty fee of 10% will be charged for brand owner Endemol Shine Group, but this will be over your purchase price and not over your selling price. In this way you have the best merchandise deal possible!

With this Merchandise Start Package, we give you a head start and you don't have to pay the royalties upto a value of: €25.000


Printed Promotions

Don't bother about your promotional material. We already did! Get your package of:

- 5.000 Promotional flyers 
- 1.000 Businesscards
- 500 Tripadvisor review cards
- 1.000 Z-card maps with tips & instructions

This is a very nice offer to save a lot of time and approvals, just for: €10.000



This is a very nice way to generate some extra income! You will need body protectors/life vests, helmets for every contestant and maybe wetsuits too. We can provide them with the official Wipeout prints.

In general the life vests and helmets are provided for free, but for the wetsuits a rental fee of €7,50 is charged. So you will have this investment back in no-time! You can enjoy a 10% discount if you order your first 100 sets for: €27.500


Cross Selling

The challenge for you is to have your visitors spend and communicating as much as possible at your park. We developed some neat tricks for this with scores. Keep scores at the scoreboards.

Every best contestant per obstacle gets a a voucher for a free drink. Of course will his competitors join him at the bar and you will sell a tenfold! This package consists of:

- Scoreboard per Wipeout obstacle
- 1.000 Free drink vouchers for winners

This one will have an extreme fast ROI for: €1.500



Order your stage setting designs for your Wipeout park and create a scenery just like on TV! We've got a great stock of official branded cool things, like trussing, flags, banners, signs, padding, table and scrim covers, photo backgrounds, tents, inflatables etc.

We advise you to start your first Wipeout park order with a complete decoration package with flags and signs for: €5.000

Influencer Marketing

And what do you think of all those influence marketeers on YouTube? Looking for exciting new content to keep their fans happy? They will be delighted to record their vlog at your park and giving you free exposure on the way!

UK's number 1 YouTube celeb vlogger Wroetashaw was just 1 of the many popular YouTubers that visited our Wipeout park. 

His Wipeout video had a top score of 25.000.000 views!!! Great advertising at zero cost!

Starting your Wipeout park will get you this for: FREE!


Are you ready to get started?

As you can see, we have everything ready for you to launch a new Wipeout park.

Wipeout Obstacles Store

Just select the Obstacles you like and add the marketing assets you like to use!

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