Start with Virtual Reality has never been easier and affordable with our Plug & Play suitcase of 10 pre-programmed VR glasses and all necessary items for only €19.750. You can play the game up to 60 people simultaneously and if you want to serve larger groups, just buy an extra suitcase! Find all details of this great opportunity below and become our next La Casa de Dinero

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Picture this! You're at the table. A perfect dinner is served. And during that diner ... you rob the largest bank of Spain! 

Together with your table companions - actually a group of top-of-the-bill criminals - you be challenged by El Profesor to start a chilling race against the clock. Will you and your team be in time to get away with the money before you get caught by the police? Let the adventure begin!

This game setting is portable and applicable at EVERY location! Just take your suitcase to a restaurant, beach club, hotel or company and start within only 5 minutes set up time! 

Of course also possible as lunch or even escape room setting with hiding the hints in a room! 


Sometimes it's so easy that you ask yourself why you didn't think of it. This is one of them! Please, first watch the video on the left! 

Each group of 6 players gets 1 VR glass and all the props. By stepping into the virtual reality one by one (and telling the others what they see, so they can search the room for clues), they have to try to solve this exciting challenge.

Everybody is involved and teamwork, communication and smart thinking are key to solve and escape this adventure. All groups compete at the same time and level, which makes it a perfect teambuilding activity. 

Adviced business model: 
- Only the game (1½ hour experience)          €25 per person
- With 3-course dinner (3 hour experience)     €65 per person

ROI: with 5 fully booked diners (300 people) you have your Return On Investment!



We offer you a ready-to-use suitcase with everything you need to get started.

The complete set in a suitcase contains:
- 10 VR glasses with 2 games
- Props and hints to play the games
- La Casa de Papel outfit and mask for instructor
- Online free helpdesk, instructions and marketing assets
- License fee for the first year (for each year after €5.000)
- Unlimited use, free uploads and new games every year!

Special 2020 trade show offer:   €19.750

You can also choose for a Pay-per-Play for €5 per person (€30 per glasses/group). With Pay-per-Play you don't have to pay the license fee of €5.000.

Delivery time: 2 weeks

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