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The possibilities of Wipeout are very impressive. We know! So please feel free to ask any question you have or ... just check if we already came up with the answer here!

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Take a look at the following page: Revenue

Yes it is! It’s sports and accidents can occur, but all obstacles are TÜV certified and proved.
Yes you can! Dependable of your investment and location you get local or even countrywide exclusivity.

Take a look at the following page: Revenue

Down payments are requirede during the production proces. At the start you do a down payment of 25%, the second month 35%, the fourth month 35% and the sixth and last month 5%. 

Unfortunately no. It has to be a course and it has to live up to peoples expectations. So, the minium number of obstacles to start a Wipeout park is six.

For using the Wipeout brand you pay an annual royalty. But it’s not over your revenue but over your investment. It’s actually a pretty good deal.

To start a Wipeout park you need to buy at least 6 obstacles. The investment will be around the €250.000.

The average Wipeout obstacle is about 15 x 5 meter. If you put 6 obstacles in a row and have some space for spectators around them, you will need at least about 1.000 m².

We offer several Business Models, but we recommend the Dutch Business Model (see Cases). Finally it's up to you which one you like to use or if you want to use your own. Please inform us about your location and target audience ans we send you some profitable ideas! 

We are not the producers of the TV-show you can participate in. Although … we do have our own Wipeout park in the Netherlands! If you like to be a contestant on a real Wipeout course and give it a try, you can buy your tickets at www.wipeout.nl.

On this page we show you an overview of the costs and the revenues.

No, you don’t. Wipeout is most fun with falling down in water or mud, but we have also land and indoor obstacles.

The average production, manufacture and installation time is about 6 months.

The Wipeout obsgtacles are of high quality and durability. They are built and meant to be for large gorups and intensive use. Maintenance is extremely low. 

It’s very easy! Just watch the animation 'How to build a park' below, visit our shop and select all obstacles you like!

Yes you can! Some of them are free and for some of them there are some cost charged. All very affordable compared to making it yourself.

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We are the official licensee of Wipeout by brand owner Endemol Shine Group. A Banjijay company. All our attractions are TÜV certificated and we are a member of the global attraction association IAAPA.


Wanna know how to build a park?

Building a Wipeout park is very simple. Just look at this video:

Wipeout Obstacle Store

In this store you will find all the official Wipeout obstacles that are available for you!

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    TÜV-certified, safe, durable and impressive! For every age and audience!
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