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Business Case 

This is Patrick Janssen, owner of a Wipeout park in the Netherlands since 2013. He has 3 Wipeout courses and a Wipeout Kids playground.

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Dutch Business Model *
90 X
Contestants per timeslot
The Wipeout course consists of 6 obstacle, and at every obstacle start 15 contestants: 6 x 15 = 90 contestants per timeslot.
Timeslots a day
Contestants have 20 minutes per obstacle and then they move on. So the total course takes 2 hours and you can run 5 timeslots a day.
= 450
Contestants per day
On fully booked business day (like Saturdays), you have 450 contestants running the Wipeout course.
* As used in The Netherlands, but you can use any business model you like!
Yearly Revenue *
45.000 x
Visitors served p/year
Considering a 100 good business days a year (30% of the total capacity), you can run at least 45.000 visitors annually.
Price p/ticket
We sell tickets from €47,50 to €65,00 and the average price per ticket is €55,00.
= €2.500.000
Revenue p/year
This is the average revenue made by the Dutch Wipeout park. It's the best ROI ever seen in leisure!
* This is even without the revenue out of food, beverages and merchandise!
Total Costs *
A Wipeout park
This is the price of our Wipeout Starter Pack with 6 obstacles. The obstacles can be depreciated in 3 years.
A piece of land or water
Based on a average rent of €10 m² for water with some land and a total surface of 2.500 m² for the Starter Pack Wipeout course.
Organizational costs
We run our Wipeout course with 8 employees x €17,50 wages x 12 hours a day x 100 days a year = €168.000.
* These are the direct costs
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'Best ever!'
Excellent Reviews!

Come over and see for yourself You're invited!

WipeOut sucker punch patrick

CEO Patrick Janssen invites you to visit his own Wipeout park in Holland, where you can see, test and try all the obstacles you like!

The park is pretty close to Amsterdam and you can make a combination of pleasure and business with sightseeing and meeting the Wipeout team Holland.

At the park in Holland all obstacles we made are shown. As well for the adult range as for Kids. This offers a great oppertunity to see them all at once.


Are you intersted?

Do you want to learn everything about Wipeout and get direct detailed information, experiences and revenue figures of an exisiting Wipeout park owners. Please let us know! We will inform and connect you on return.

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