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Business Model 

Here you will find a couple of 'test & prooved' business models, that might help you getting started the right way.

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We offer profitable business models for every situation. Select the one that matches yours most and we will send you all info, details, exploitation facts and revenue calculations:

Step 2 DBM

Dutch Business Model

If your location is based in a rather distant area with no tourists (less merchandise sell) and a small population, you won't have infinite demand and can work with less but longer timeslots at higher (prime-time) rates to achieve the highest profit.

In Holland they offer a 2 hours course of 6 obstacles. Fifteen contestants start at each obstacle and every 20 minutes they move over to the next one. With 5 timeslots a day and an average ticket price of €55, the turnover (ex food, beverages and merchandise!) will be:

Step 2 TBM

Tourist Business Model

If your location is based close to a very populated city with lot's of tourists and a good climate, you might considering to serve as many visitors possible by offering as many timeslots per day while tourists spend more on merchandise!

In toursitic places we advise to offer a 1 hour course at 2 courses of 4 obstacles. Ten contestants start at each obstacle and every 15 minutes they move over to the next one. With 10 timeslots a day and a average ticket price of €37,50 the turnover with an average spend of €12,50 on food, beverage and merchandise, will be:

Step 2 WOk playground

Wipeout Kids playground

If children are your target audience and you have a big location, we have this business model of the Netherlands. It's a recreational beach area with 25 Wipeout obstacles. The entrance fee is €8 and children can stay and play as long as they like. Per day we welcome 2.500 visitors max. included school trips and birthday parties, and the turnover (ex. food, beverages and merchandise!) is:

Step 2 WOK attraction

Wipeout Kids Attraction

For smaller places we suggest this business model with only 12 Wipeout obstacles and a entrance fee per hour of €5. With 150 kids per timeslot and 10 timeslots a day, the turnover (ex. food, beverages and merchandise!) is:

Step 2 FEC 365

Wipeout FEC 365

If you want to serve both, children and adults, and you want to run your park throughout the year, you need to have a Wipeout course as well as a Wipeout Kids course. With a combination of obstacles on land too, you can create a Winter Wipeout course during the colder season to be open for 365 days a year. This Family Entertainment Center (FEC) will be like a real Wipeout themepark. The turnover will be (ex food, beverages and merchandise!):


Wipeout Sketchbook

No match yet? Of course we are always creating and designing new ideas for Wipeout parks. All very effective, profitable and in full Wipeout theme. Select this option if your target audience is different than the ones above or you just didn't see the right design. We are sure we will have something in stock which will suit you!



Possible business model of a single Wipeout attraction*:
Revenue per day
If you charge only €5 per visitor, your daily revenue will be €800.
30 days
Days to break-even-point
With the revenue of €800 per day, you only need 30 days to get your Return On Investment.
Average annual turnover
If you run it 180 days a year, you will have 7x your investment in 1 year!
*Based on our Big Red Balls attraction of €22.500 with 3 minutes time slots at a 50% capacity

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